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book in the box

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page 10-11

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gold on Plike paper

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magenta and yellow on Colourplan

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cyan and gold on Colourplan

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cyan and fluorescent green on Colourplan

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cyan, magenta and yellow on Colourplan

Screen Printing Guide


Screenprint, Bookbinding, Information Design

This is a Self Initiated Project about screen printing.  I remember when I was a complete beginner, many things were very foreign to me and there are a lot of different things I need to be familiar with before I can even print something decent. Therefore I wanted to create something that will help beginners. Another reason I wanted a project about screen printing is because I am very interested in this practice and I want to be more skilled in it. 

This set is aimed at the beginners to screen printing who have just started to experiment with it. With information regarding the paper types and colours, hopefully this would be useful in helping beginners understand how to achieve what they intended to. Understanding how the colours would perform is essential to printing the ideal print.

The yellow spine is created using the screen printing mesh. It is a 90T mesh, which is the same kind I used to create all the prints in the example book.

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