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chapter page - where it all began


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Research, Analysis, Screen Printing, Bookbinding

Recent trends are showing a comeback for the handcraft enthusiast, with more communities emerging that emphasizes hand made. This thesis aims to examine the value of handcraft and why is it still being valued. Through an extensive research done using mainly literature, critical writings and my own experience in digital printing and print making, I identified four different topics that are significant in this discussion. First, the differentiation between handcraft and machine made is identified with the craft knowledge the craftsman holds. Handcraft also poses as an agent for craftsman to fully explore their own existence. It is a lifestyle that both the craftsman and the consumer chose to participate. Handcraft still holds value because it is a representation and symbol of humanity and individuality. 

The main title page is screen printed onto black paper while the chapter pages are digital printed to emphasize the different. I also included a small book "10 minutes in a frame" to show the time frame of screen printing the main title page.

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